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Day: April 15, 2021

Self Love – We could all use some!

Want to know what goes on in my head? If you were to read my mind, you will see a never-ending to-do list, constant reminders, and a clock that keeps ticking. What you might not expect is the inner voice of the same critical thoughts I try to quiet in

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Boudoir Is not Porn – Townsville Boudoir

  The images I take, I believe are sexy. There is NO SHAME in that. It’s ok for you to be sexy and it’s ok for us to capture it. But, I totally reject the term porn. To label, my work as porn shouldn’t bother me but it does and

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Boudoir white sheets

3 Reasons to do a Boudoir Session

Yes, boudoir can be fun and yes, it makes a wonderful gift but sometimes it has more depth to it than anyone could ever imagine. There are countless reasons why every woman should consider a boudoir session at least once in a lifetime. I found this recently whilst stalking the

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Pretty in Pink / Boudoir Townsville

Boudoir photoshoots aren’t just about taking pretty images. Sharing your photos will empower YOU and other women.  When women empower other women, anything is possible, especially amazing boudoir photos.

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