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3 Reasons to do a Boudoir Session

Yes, boudoir can be fun and yes, it makes a wonderful gift but sometimes it has more depth to it than anyone could ever imagine.

There are countless reasons why every woman should consider a boudoir session at least once in a lifetime. I found this recently whilst stalking the internet and she nailed it on the head. “Couture Boudoir” mentions three things, Self-confidence, milestone and emotional healing! I know one or more of these reasons speak to a majority of women.

More and more women endorse the psychological benefits of boudoir photography. 

Boudoir gives women a wonderful opportunity to step out of their comfort zone. I cannot tell you how many times my clients looked at their very own images with a sense of disbelief. They did not know that they could look and feel so beautiful, sexy and attractive. Skilful use of natural light will accentuate your best features. The goal is to bring out your most natural self. This in return provides many women with a boost of self-confidence.

Milestone Celebration
Pregnancy, childbirth, winning a marathon or a fitness contest are just a few examples. Milestones are very personal and intimate and we need to define them according to our own perceptions or expectations. Becoming a mother can be a milestone but so can be the fact of turning 50 or 60. 

 Emotional Healing
This is becoming one of the most common reasons for women to do a boudoir session.  Sometimes physical pain comes with emotional wounds that are difficult to heal. Boudoir can help release that pain and find a sense of therapeutic relief. It can also be very helpful for women battling a negative body image that stems from trauma and other negative experiences.

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