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A Candid Chat with a Boudoir Queen| Blush Studio Townsville| Boudoir Photographer

Today, we’re chatting with a recent client, whose journey from self-doubt to unshakeable confidence is nothing short of inspiring. Let’s chat to Ashleigh.

Q: How did you feel BEFORE your boudoir session?
A: “Average. Not super confident.”

Q: That’s a feeling many can relate to. How about DURING your session? Were you comfortable?
A: “Super comfortable. Posing was so well explained and live demos were given 😉

Q: It’s great to hear about the comfort level during the shoot. And how did you feel AFTER your session?
A:”Like a queen and I could take on anything the world had to throw at me.”

Q: That’s an empowering transformation! Were you happy with your hair and makeup?
A: “YES!!”

Q: What did you enjoy most about your session?
A: “The way Ange made me so comfortable and at ease.”

Q: Is there anything you would have changed about your session?
A: “Nothing. I can’t wait to go back again.”

Q: Were your products delivered on time and as you were expecting?                                                          A: “I got them earlier than expected.”

Q: What advice would you give someone considering a Boudoir Session?
A: “Relax and go with the flow. Ange will guide you every step of the way.”

Q: Do you feel more comfortable in your skin after having a session like this?
A: “YES.”

Q: Would you come back again in the future for another session?                                                                    A: “YES!!”

Q: And would you refer a friend?
A: “YES.”

Q: Finally, could you share your testimonial or final thoughts with us?
A: “Before having my boudoir shoot done I wasn’t very confident in my own body. Leading up to the session, Ange kept in communication and answered any questions I had. During my session, I was so comfortable and at ease with Ange. Her personality makes you feel right at home. When I got my photos I was gobsmacked with how amazing they turned out. I’ve been walking on cloud nine since! 10/10 recommend booking with Ange.”


If you’re considering a boudoir session, let this story be your inspiration. Like our client here, you could discover a side of you that’s waiting to shine. Reach out to us, and let’s start your journey towards confidence and empowerment.

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