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Boudi Bank 2022 || Blush Studio Townsville


Did you know we have payment plan options available? For as little as $50 per week! Simply choose your desired collection and let us help you sort out your Boudi Bank. There is no up front session fee. You simply fill in your Boudi Bank form for your desired collection and I will set the rest up for you.


Boudi Bank is an in-house payment service. Blush Boudoir Studio ulitlises Pay Advantage direct debit services which makes budgeting for your dream session a breeze. 

We can set up your reoccurring payments to suit your budget. I have prepared some samples below for you.


$1250 over 24 weeks $52 per week

$1750 over 24 weeks $72.91 per week
$2250 over 24 weeks $93.75 per week
$3500 over 50 weeks $69 per week

The best thing about Boudi Bank is no interest charged & no credit approval is needed. Pay Advantage charges a small transaction fee of .88c per transaction. 

You simply tell us the best day for the repayment to start. Keep in mind, all consecutive payments come out on the same day so try and match it with your pay.

We also now offer tap & go AfterPay in-studio only. If you would like to utilise this service, please let me know. 

Boudi Bank FORM

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