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Endometriosis Charity Event 2024 || Blush Studio Townsville||

Endometriosis Charity Event 2024

What an incredible journey this has been! From the bottom of my heart, I want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who attended and supported this year’s Endometriosis Australia Fundraiser, hosted by Blush Boudoir Studio Townsville.  

Reflecting on the journey from a small vision aimed at raising funds for Endometriosis to now, it’s nothing short of amazing. To think that we have managed to raise over $25,000 since the inception of this event is truly beyond my wildest dreams.  Every dollar donated goes directly to increasing awareness of endometriosis, providing education materials for patients, families, carers and medical professionals, and investing in research programs.  


A special thank you to our guest speakers, Dr. Cecilia O’Brien, Dr. Tracey, Jennifer Plath, and Agnieszka Cichosz. Your insightful and carefully considered speeches on endometriosis have not only enlightened us but have also deeply touched our hearts. Your contribution and the time you’ve dedicated are profoundly appreciated. 

 Our event wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support from our major sponsors and raffle donors. Your generosity, through the provision of vouchers, services, products, and overall support, has been the backbone of our success. Raffles alone this year raised $3200, A heartfelt thank you to: 

Town Print 

Rising Sun Marine 


Queensland Fire Solutions 

Glow Up Events 

Women’s Health Circle 

Little Details Photography 

 Move and Grow 

GVD Building Design 

Hastings Haus 

 Wonki and Bloom 

 Innk Beauty 

 Vivid Event Hire 

 Ange Art 

Your Canvas 

Brenda Stone 


Honu Massage 

Tash Boyd 

Intimo – Loretta Mitchell 

The Green Pantry 

Physio Vida 


Hair By Sheridan Law 

Pink bee Nail Bar 

 Guides and Guidance 

Coco And Lo 

 Bobell Art 

Fuel PT  

Kaytees designs

Glendalough Farming 

Your unwavering support and generosity have been instrumental in the success of this event, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  


To the incredible endo committee, Kerry, Ashleigh, Lucy, Tracey, Peta Kay, and Monique, your dedication and passion have been the driving force behind bringing my vision to life. Working alongside such a talented and committed group of women has been an absolute pleasure. Your willingness to embrace any task with open arms has made all the difference. Thank you, ladies, for everything. 


And to our wonderful Blush ambassadors, who sacrificed their weekends to help prepare for this event, your dedication has not gone unnoticed. Your efforts are appreciated beyond words, and I thank you  


Thank you, Dr. Tracey, for inspiring Ella to open up about her personal experiences with our audience. Ella, your heartfelt and genuine words deeply moved us, as you shared your story with such honesty and vulnerability.

As we look forward to the future, let’s continue to support each other and work towards a world where endometriosis no longer holds the power to dictate our lives. Together, we are making a difference, and I am humbled and grateful for each and every one of you. 

 The future of our annual event shines brightly, filled with hope and the promise of even greater accomplishments. 

 Thank you, once again, for your incredible support. 

  With all my gratitude, 

 Ange xx

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