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I was worried || Blush Studio Townsville||

Self Love Session

When clients complete their boudoir experience, I ask them to complete a little questionnaire, this is Sufi’s recent response. 

A Journey to Confidence: Subi’s Boudoir Session Experience

In this blog post, we delve into Subi Somaratna’s personal account of her transformative boudoir photography session. Subi shares her feelings, experiences, and the ultimate impact this session had on her self-perception and confidence.

Before the Session
How did you feel before your session?
“I definitely felt nervous before my first session. I was worried I wouldn’t like the way I looked in the photos and would not end up using any of them.”

During the Session
Were you comfortable during your session? Did you feel well guided with posing etc.?
“Reflecting back at the session, the thing that surprised me the most was how quickly I felt comfortable during the session. Ange was excellent at guiding me and explained how she wanted me to pose. The whole process felt natural.”

Was the access to our studio secure and easy to locate? Did you feel safe and private during your session?
“Yes, it was very easy to find the studio and Ange messaged me on the day as well to let me know which entrance to use. Felt very safe and private throughout the session.”

After the Session
How did you feel after your session?
“I immediately wanted to book another session. I felt so excited to see what the final product would look like. The compliments from Ange throughout the session were a great boost for my confidence.”

Were you happy with your hair and makeup?
“Lan did an amazing job with my hair and makeup.”

What did you enjoy most about your session?
“Everything!!! I love how great I felt throughout the session.”

Is there anything you would have changed about your session?
“I can’t think of anything I would change. I loved every minute of it.”

Reflections on Value
Did you feel your session was value for money?

Were your products on time and what you were expecting in terms of value for money and quality?

Advice and Future Considerations
What advice would you give someone considering a Boudoir Session?
“Take the leap and make the booking. Trust Ange to guide you through it because she is amazing at her job.”

Do you feel more comfortable in your skin after having a session like this?

Would you come back again in the future for another session?

Would you refer a friend?

Share your final thoughts with us.
“On the day of my first shoot I definitely felt nervous. But once we started shooting, I immediately felt comfortable. Ange showers you with compliments and keeps you laughing and smiling throughout the session. You forget that you are half naked/completely naked in front of someone you’ve just met. From the photos I received, I loved the way I looked in every single one of them. She can capture the best version of you. For someone who has struggled with accepting their body, these photos have shown me a side of myself that I was not able to see before.”

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Subi’s heartfelt recount of her boudoir session reflects a journey from nervousness to empowerment. This experience not only changed how she viewed herself but also reaffirmed her belief in the power of supportive and professional guidance in personal transformation sessions.

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