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Madi Shares Her Personal Experience with Blush || Townsville Boudoir Studio.

Blush Boudoir Townsville held its casting for their new round of ambassadors in January this year. This is a new experience for most of the ladies – with the exception of a few returning clients. 

It is always important for us to get our clients feedback so that we can not only adapt our sessions to continue to grow and learn, but to also be able to provide individual experiences for those of you who may be considering taking the plunge and doing your own Boudoir Session. 

Madi left her testimonial below along with a sneak peek of her session with Blush: 

How did you feel before your session?

I was super excited but the day before the nerves started kicking in but I was super keen!

How did you feel after your session?

I felt so confident in myself, I’d never seen my body look so good. I’m still so confident in my body 4 months later.

Did you love your hair and makeup?

Yes, Larn did an amazing job. 

What was the favourite part of your session?

Ange giving the most uplifting comments when she was taking photos. 

Is there anything you would change about your session?

Nope, everything went so well and I was super happy with the outcome.

Were your products on time and what you were expecting?

Everything went smoothly. 

What advice would you give a client considering a Boudoir Session?

Don’t be nervous because Ange is going to make you feel so confident in your body. She will take good care of you and is so chill. 

Do you feel more comfortable in your own skin after having a Boudoir Session?

Yes. I’ve never felt so confident in my body during the shoot and to this day. Ange makes the whole experience so comfortable and perfect.

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