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Sunflowers on the Farm || Blush Studio Townsville|| Endometriosis Fundraiser

On Saturday, 25th March 2023 Blush Boudoir Studio held its annual fundraiser for Endometriosis Australia. This year, a handful of ladies and I travelled to my lovely friends, Richard & Raynor Wall, Private Farm (Glendalough Farm) in Ayr where they had planted & germinated Sunflower Seeds especially for this event. The day was all about raising funds and awareness for Endometriosis Australia whilst having a wonderful afternoon amongst the Sunflowers with amazing women in our local community.  

The ladies and I met at the Blush Studio then travelled to Ayr on a Private Bus while sharing stories and laughs on the way. We arrived to the farm in the early afternoon, had a picnic with amazing treats and drinks, whilst listening to our amazing guest speaker, Dr. Tracey Belle. Tracey is passionate about women’s health…especially Endometriosis and really helped educate and answer lots of questions a lot of the women had. We are truly grateful she came and spoke for us again. 

After this, the ladies roamed the Sunflowers while I walked around taking some candid shots… we then finished in our annual Endo Lingerie Group shot.

In total, we raised over $3,000.00 on the day combining our two years total to just under $10,000.00!!

Thank you again to all of the incredible women that attended this year’s event, our amazing local sponsors and of course, my amazing friends Raynor & Richard Wall from Glendalough Farm for hosting our event. 

A special shoutout to some of our sponsors on the day – GVD Building Design, Jewellery by Design, MLABEL Cosmetics, Kimberley Anne Fit, Wonkie & Bloom, Silk Laser Clinics Fairfield, Loretta Mitchell, Ruby & Jade, Sage Holistics Health, Handmade by Fi & Calypso Coaches.

A little about my journey:

 My journey with Endometriosis started when I was 27. However, looking back over my medical history I now know I was suffering from this disease when I was 15. I just didn’t know what it was, instead of dealing with it I went on the contraceptive pill and skipped my cycle for years. My story is long and complicated and I’m really bad with timelines, it all gets a bit blurry. This is a summary of surgeries, procedures, and lots of heartache… 

At age 26 after having my second child Zoe, I was complaining of a sore back all the time. I put it down to gardening, indoor soccer, or just injury. However, the pain was horrid for 3 or 4 days then suddenly disappeared. I just couldn’t pinpoint why. My pain got to the point, where I was at the GP all the time, searching for answers. 

I didn’t get very far, in fact, one Dr told me….. sex just hurts for some women and another told me “You’re just constipated”.

One particular day I was in agony, I went to the GP and she wrote a referral to a gyno. I didn’t make it home that day, pulled over at the local ambulance station, and collapsed on the driveway. It really sounds over the top I know, but I honestly thought was dying, the pain endometriosis causes are intoxicating and exhausting.

That was the day my Endometriosis battle began. From my first surgery at 28 to my last major surgery at 39. I was fighting a never-ending battle. Every single day was painful. From back pain to bladder pain, diets, and restricted intimacy. It truly consumed my life. My husband, my family, my children, and my friends did not see the best of me in those 10 years. I missed so many functions and social events because of this disease and I can’t get those times back.

I’ve had Zoladex treatment 4 times over a 10-year period, Zoladex shuts down your ovaries and puts you into chemically induced menopause. (ask Greg how much fun that was). Zoladex is a Band-Aid it’s not a cure. I had a partial hysterectomy at 28. Which didn’t achieve anything, to be honest. A hysterectomy does not cure Endometriosis. This information was wrongly given to me and my hopes of it resolving Endo were diminished when my ovaries started to work again. Coming off Zoladex was like poking a fire. 

Treating Endometriosis is so difficult and there is no right answer for everyone. Treatment is a long-term plan, that needs close attention by you and your specialist. My left ovary was removed at 32 due to complications, from memory it was getting choked by scaring and a cyst.

Fast forward to 39 and many surgeries later, my right ovary developed a cyst and twisted. (ouch again). I am now menopausal and take medication to help with side effects.

I’ve had a total of 9 laparoscopies and many small procedures for Endometriosis, Bladder Disease (Interstitial Cystitis) cutaneous lesions, diaphragmatic issues, and many other complications related to Endo.

I’m nearly 43 and I can tell you life for me is better without my uterus and ovaries. The only good thing that came from these organs were my children.

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