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Valentines Day || Blush Studio Townsville||

Valentines Day Celebrate Love with Blush Boudoir Studio in Townsville This Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day in Australia is more than just a celebration of love; it’s a day where we embrace the beauty of connection, intimacy, and the joy of making memories. Here at Blush Boudoir Studio in Townsville, we

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Self Love Project || Blush Studio Townsville||

Self Love Project 2024 – Self-love Project I think it is high time I practice what I preach. So every month for 12 months I will do a selfie session, 1 outfit, 1 theme and I want your help.Why do I need your help? To keep me motivated, to keep me

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2023 In Review || Blush Studio Townsville||

A Year in Review   As 2023 draws to a close, I’ve wrapped up my final boudoir session, giving the studio a well-deserved break. I want to take a moment to pause and appreciate how my clients have embraced new perspectives and attitudes toward their bodies. Reflecting on the year,

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Unrealistic Beauty Standards | Blush Studio Townsville| Boudoir Photographer

In today’s society, women often face immense pressure from unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by media, social platforms, and even personal circles. These standards can create a toxic environment of constant comparison, self-doubt, and a sense of never feeling “good enough.” At Blush Boudoir Studio, we recognise the toll this can

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Empowering boudoir portraits for women

Bridal Boudoir | Blush Studio Townsville

The Best Gift Ever – Bridal Boudoir Are you a bride-to-be looking for a unique and unforgettable gift to surprise your partner? Blush Boudoir Studio! Located in Townsville, our studio specialises in creating exquisite bridal boudoir experiences that celebrate the beauty, confidence, and love that radiate from within every bride.

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BOUDI CALL – FRESH FACES 2023 || Blush Studio Townsville

WE ARE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR FRESH FACES Our Fresh Faces Boudi Call is aimed at expanding our extraordinary community of like-minded women.  The term “Fresh Faces” is designed for women that have never had a Boudoir experience with us before.  We are seeking new and diverse ladies to

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Curvella Bridal

Curvella Bridal VIP Experience We love to spoil our brides and that is what our VIP Bridal Experience is all about! Our VIP experience is an upgrade to our normal bridal appointment to help create special memories whilst finding your dream wedding gown. Your appointment comes with tons of fun

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THE CHURCH MARATHON 2023 || Blush Studio Townsville

Welcome to Blush Studio Townsville’s annual Marathon weekend for 2023!  The Church Marathon is running for 1 weekend only Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October 2023.  Saturday Sessions commencing from 8am & Sunday Sessions commencing from 9am. Come & confess your sins and treat yourself to a day of self-love.

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